Ask us a question! If you can't find the answer here, please write to us! 

Q: Is this a family portrait session? What style of photos are you taking? 

A: YES! Our images are a combination of posed and candid family portraiture. We work with you to come up with thoughtful, unique poses for you and your family that help tell your story. 

Q: Do we have to pay you to be involved? 

A: Nope! Not at all. Once you submit your form you are volunteering your information and yourself or your family for inclusion into the project. You are volunteering to be photographed and be a part of our family portrait series. Compensation will be given to each family in the form of high-resolution color images from their session. 

Q: Do I get to keep my photographs? 

A: Yes, you do! Each family or individual that participates will receive their edited images on an archival disc or online delivery. The images will retain limited rights for printing and personal use when they are delivered to you. The Pride & Joy Project retains copyright ownership and image rights of any and all images created. 

Q: I'm a queer, single mother. Can I participate? 

A: Absolutely! You do not need to be part of a couple to be part of this project.   We are interested in documenting the lives of a diverse range of lesbian-identified women on their journey to motherhood.

Q: My children are all grown up! Can I participate? 

A: Yes, please! We are eager to include your stories from families with children of all ages. 

Q: I would like to include our sperm donor in our portraits. Is that possible? 

A: Totally possible, send an email to discuss your idea

Q: My family's privacy is very important to me, how will you protect it? 

A: The Pride & Joy Project aims to protect and cherish each family that chooses to become involved through photography releases, agreements, and privacy statements. Each family or individual that participates will create their own personalized contract and project agreement with us that specifically lists which images are allowed to be published and included in the project as well as if your name will be released or if you would like to choose to go by your initials or aliases. No addresses, full names, and contact information will be included in any documents created by the Pride & Joy Project that are publicly available. Personal details of each participant will be kept private. 

Q: Do you have kids? 

A: Not yet, but we hope to conceive our first, soon!

Q: What do you plan to do with the photos? 

A: Good question! After your photoshoot is over, we will edit the images from the shoot and upload them to a private, online gallery for you where you can download, save, print, and share the photos with your family & friends. You will have permission to print and share the photos for personal use. You may not sell them commercially in any way (blogs, advertisements, promotions, etc). The specific details of the legal agreement between the family participants and The Pride & Joy Project are included in the photo release that is signed by participants and given to you to keep with your images once they have been edited and delivered. The Pride & Joy Project retains original ownership and copyright of the images created during each family portrait session. 

Photos will be used on The Pride & Joy Project website, social media accounts like facebook and instagram and for promotional use of The Pride & Joy Project online and in print. In the future we hope to create a hardcover book featuring our collection of family portraits but do not have a specific release date of the book yet. 

Q: I don't want our names used in any way but I would still like my family to participate. What solution do you have for that? 

A: If you would like to leave your name out from any galleries or images associated with The Pride & Joy Project we suggest using a first initial or alias of your choosing. For example if your names are Roxy & Theresa you could go by R & T or another name of your creation that you are comfortable with. 

Q: I don't have kids yet but I would like to help spread the word about The Pride & Joy Project! How can I help? 

A: Awesome! Please help out by sharing The Pride & Joy Project on facebook, instagram, and with your friends or family. We appreciate all the support & the love! Be sure to 'like' and share our facebook page! 



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