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Individual donations help us maintain the website, gather resources, create content, and share the results with our community through our social network and in-person events. The Pride & Joy Project aims to increase visibility and social equity for queer parents by sharing family portraits, resources, and hosting in-person events for the community throughout the year. 

Your help will give us the chance to photograph more families, continue producing necessary queer parenting content for the community, and increasing visibility of our families online and off. 

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Information and Disclosures

Funds from individual donors and families since 2014 have been utilized to build and maintain the website, produce content, and support Kersh Branz in the development of The Pride & Joy Project. Additional contributors and volunteers to the website and moderation of the social network (on facebook) have not received any compensation for their work or their time. We do not sell any information, ads, or contact information for any person or family that we have worked with, photographed, or connected with. 

Our social network on facebook does not receive any funds or profit from these donations and is managed by a dedicated group of individuals who volunteer their time and talents under the leadership and direction of Kersh Branz. All of our content, images, and text on this website has been produced with the intention of educating, informing, and celebrating queer parents and families. All photographs by Kersh Branz, 2014 - 2018. No images may be used without expressed written permission. 

Thank you to everyone who has donated and supported us throughout the entire process! 

Community Partners & Sponsors 

We're currently looking for community partners and sponsors to help us increase our audience and grow our community. 

Please reach out to us using the form below if you'd like to collaborate or partner with The Pride & Joy Project. Thank you! 

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