new year

New Year: New You

Happy New Year friends & families! 

It has been a bumpy start to the New Year -- (and that's putting it in very nice terms). 
We were there, we know what happened. We all felt the loss and shock of the election results. 
As the new administration launches into their second month it's clear that their lack of respect for basic human rights knows no bounds. I have been struggling on my own to find balance processing all of the news and offenses as they happen in real time - and been taking some time away from working on new family portraits. I think of this as an act of self preservation during a time of tremendous turmoil, uncertainty, and fear based propaganda. 

Out of the darkness though, a wellspring of resistance has emerged --- millions of us -- millions of parents, friends, families are rising up to say that this is not who we are as humans. This is not who we are as progressive, thoughtful, kind people. I am inspired and hopeful that our energy will continue. We must continue to resist, persist, and fight back! 

I'm going to elaborate more on where I've been for the past few months later on this weekend. 

For now, please know that you are NOT ALONE.
You are in the majority. The majority is strong, powerful, and oh so FIERCE

With love & gratitude -- stay tuned for another major announcement! 
xo Kersh