mama j

Falling In Love With Yourself

By Jillian "Mama J" for The Pride & Joy Project

Wow! It’s hard believe it’s already four months since my inaugural blog post. The brink of Summer has now turned into Fall. While I thought long and hard about how to capture the beauty, adventure, and fun of the last 100+ days, I settled on a format that was easy to create + edit from my trusty iPhone, and I truly hope easy to consume. Without further ado...

If you’re curious you can learn more about my Summer Mama Mindset (aka Sacred Summer 2016) here. I also boldly wrote: 25 Truth-telling Statements I Must Share.

The joy of recording video in my neighborhood at dusk is that many folks are walking their dogs and enjoying the few minutes of sun light. That’s what happen towards the end of Part 1, so during the intermission pause to consider for a moment:

What path has your EPIC love story taken you on?


From mama to mama. Heart to heart. Soul to soul.

Using the revolutionary act of love to inspire + uplift

YOU to take bite-sized + deliberate actions each day to Love Yourself like a Mother!

This is Intentional Justice.

I am being called to share Mama J’s 3-step process for claiming your own Mama Mindset. This 7-Day “Busy Mama” Challenge will arrive in your inbox magically overnight, so that each morning YOU will wake to a lovegram from yours truly naming one bite-sized action YOU can take to Love Yourself like a Mother! Of course, you won’t have it all figured out in 7 days. The key is that in a week’s time you start noticing the structures in place where you can re-learn to love yourself the way YOU deserve. Cool!? Sound like something you’re interested in participating in together in real-time? Yes! YAY!! Join HERE!

Mark YOUR Calendar :: The LOVE begins on the next New Moon: Sunday, October 30th!!

Go forth, Lovelution Mama!

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