Breaking News! The Pride & Joy Project in Oprah Magazine!


I'm super excited to announce that The Pride & Joy Project is featured in the May 2016 issue of O! The Oprah Magazine!!!

I've known for a few weeks now that we would be part of the Live Your Best Life Section - but nothing prepared me for the overwhelming thrill of opening up my mailbox today and finding an envelope from O! Magazine in NYC! Inside were two copies of the issue to keep - with our photo of Alia & Theresa's family right there, on page 35!!! 

I worked with the photo team at O! to pick out a great portrait for the feature and decided on this snapshot from Alia & Theresa's family portrait session

To have this kind of visibility in a mainstream publication is huge!!! I grew up watching Oprah with my Mom and my family - when I called my Mom to tell her about the feature she spent the first 3 minutes of the call screaming, and then quietly said, "Thank goodness I went to the bathroom before you called!!! OMG!" :D (If that's not the true mark of a Mom, I don't know what is!)

Check out our posts on facebook & instagram for more! You can find us on instagram with @prideandjoyproject (Click on the photo to be redirected to our facebook page): 

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible! I can't tell you how humbled and proud I am to be a part of such a wonderful community of queer Mamas*, families, and new friends. 

Stay tuned for more news, blog posts, and family portrait galleries! :) 

With love, gratitude & so much thanks, 

x Kersh