Mums Down Under: Contributing Bloggers from Brisbane, Rine & Kate!

Kate writes:

I am 32, a self employed remedial massage therapist, paediatric massage

consultant and lecturer in remedial therapies.  I have been very happily married
to my soul mate for 5 years and we recently had our first child together.  
Elliott was born on the 26 July, and we decided that I would be the first tummy
mummy as my partner Rine is several years younger and theoretically her clock
has more ticks left!

Out of the two of us Rine was ready to have children much earlier than I was and
as a result we waited several years before trying.  We wanted to source our own
donor however after some legal advice decided to use a sperm bank.  Our first
intra-uterine insemination amazingly was a success.  We were overjoyed, but
moreso because it wasn’t expected at all.  I had suffered from hyperthyroidism
for the first half of last year, just after we had chosen a donor and set ourselves
up for the first insemination.  I will never forget that first pee test and the very
faint line that indicated that the next chapter of our lives had begun.  

Thankfully, apart from constant nausea in the first trimester, pregnancy agreed
with me.  I would dry reach all the time, and this was a source of amusement to
Rine, especially if we were out in public.  It was such an amazing experience to
know that my body was capable of supporting and growing a new human being. 
As we used a fertility clinic, we got our first glimpse of Elliott when she was 4
mm long and 6 weeks old.  Then we saw her heart beating at 8 weeks, and she
was a beautiful little wiggling gummy bear at 10 weeks.  Although I couldn’t feel
her moving, seeing her move around for the first time was miraculous!  

I remember the first time I felt her move.  I was diligently reading my copy of
What to Expect When Expecting and waiting patiently for a sign of movement.  
This had gone on for some weeks so I was acutely aware of any sensation in my
stomach region.  It is true what they say – it does feel like butterflies. 

Due to my thyroid problems Elliott’s growth rate was monitored more closely
and we were scanned at 32 and 38 weeks on top of the standard scans. 
Thankfully everythimg progressed really well and Elliott was born at full term.
Towards the end of the pregnancy time seemed to drag.  It is true that in the
third trimester every day feels like a week.  I think the anticipation was worse for
Rine as she was so desperate to meet our child (at that stage we didn’t know the
gender).  I found myself feeling more relaxed and knew my body would tell me
when it was time.  When we went over 40 weeks however I felt the pressure
mounting as I faced what seemed like an endless barrage of ‘Is the baby here
yet?’.  I also realised how monumental the birth would be for us, and wondered
what sort of mother I’d be.  

A very good friend of mine sent me a very fitting
article about this transitory period of time and it seems fitting to share it here: The Last days of Pregnancy: A Place of In Between (via 

Then at 41 weeks 1 day we met our darling daughter, Elliott Abbey Jackson.  8
pounds 3 oz, 53.5cm of pure deliciousness!