A Monday to Remember!!!

Good morning everyone! February is here & we're starting off this month of love with an absolutely fantastic blogpost! We are super excited to tell you about our newest sister-website/group that we started last week called Queer Mamas*! 

Queer Mamas* is a closed facebook group (so you need to make a request to join) and is designed to be an international point of connection, community, and support for Queer Mamas and their families. We use an asterisk in the name of the group since we know that not all people identify with terms like Mama, Mother, Mommy, etc. Queer Mamas* is created to reflect the beautiful diversity of all of us strong women raising kids together in a variety of ways. The idea that a group like this DID NOT exist on facbeook before was astounding to me! So on Thursday, I typed in the name, clicked create, and added about 100 families that I have worked with so far from The Pride & Joy Project. Today, it's Monday at about 1 pm (PST) and we are nearing 3,000 group members!!! That's right: 3k!!!! 

If you'd like to be a part of the community & the conversation check out Queer Mamas* here: 

(Click on the image above, you should be redirected in a new window to our group). 

Moving forward I so look forward to seeing where this beautiful, big community goes & what possibilities it brings with it! As one of the two primary Admins/Group facilitators (besides my wife, Toby) the only rules we have for the group are to share your stories & photos with respect, love, kindness, and understanding. We are all in this together! 

A million thanks to everyone who has shared & included more Queer Mamas* to this group! Keep it up & know that we are so excited to get to know each and every one of you. Three cheers! Hip, hip, hooray!!!! 

With love, 


Founder & Photographer for The Pride & Joy Project
Founder & Admin for Queer Mamas*