Introducing: Queer Kid Stuff!


Introducing: Queer Kid Stuff

Queer Kid Stuff is a new web series educating kids on LGBTQ+ topics! Queer representation and content for children is scarce and Queer Kid Stuff aims to eliminate stigma by properly educating future generations through entertaining video content. The pilot episode, which launched April 20th, 2016, tackles the subject; What Does Gay Mean? A simple enough subject, but you would be surprised the amount of young children who might not know the answer to that question. Queer Kid Stuff was awarded a grant from the Awesome Foundation to fund production for a full season of 10 brand new episodes which debuted in Fall 2016 covering topics including non-binary genders and trans* identities, marriage equality, feminism, and queer themes in children's pop culture.

Creator and host, Lindsay and her best stuffed friend Teddy explain queer topics through a vlog-style conversation with young viewers focused on love and family. The short videos are a tool for parents, teachers, and LGBTQ+ adults to help them explain these words and ideas to young children in their lives, recommended for ages 3-7. A free, printable activity sheet accompanies each episode to further instill the lessons of the videos through activities which can be done at home or in the classroom. 

If that sounds like the coolest thing ever, you can donate to the Queer Kid Stuff Patreon page to help fund future videos!

The Pride & Joy Project is proud to be featured in Episode #4 of Queer Kid Stuff that talks about Marriage Equality and families!

In this episode of Queer Kid Stuff, Lindsay & Teddy talk about why marriage equality is important - what it means for the United States and the world. Teddy and Lindsay take a look at a family photo album with portraits from The Pride & Joy Project and Gays With Kids

Checking out the the family photo album with Teddy and Lindsay. (Screencap via  YouTube ). 

Checking out the the family photo album with Teddy and Lindsay. (Screencap via YouTube). 

We won't spoil the surprise of showing you which photos Lindsay & Teddy chose to have in the album so watch the whole episode here: 

Check out all of Lindsay & Teddy's videos on their website here:

Thank you SO MUCH Lindsay & Teddy! <3