Here's to 2016!

Hello friends! Happy New Year! 

As we enter the final week of January many of us are experiencing crazy weather: rain, wind, and snow. The holidays are behind us and the potential for new and exciting adventures awaits. 

I'm super excited to introduce new contributing writers & bloggers from the queersphere (just made that word up, does it worK?!). 

Part 1: Contributing Bloggers, Writers & Voices! 

Our new bloggers are a brilliant mix of Moms & Moms-to-be! They are going to be offering up first hand accounts of all things motherhood in the gayborhood (ok, I'll stop) and they hail from all over the world! Truly, we're going to have perspectives from Moms in Australia, Washington, Minnesota, and a few more as contributions come in. If you would like to write a piece for our blog - one post or many posts - please write to us! 

This morning I'd like to introduce you to our first official contributing blogger: Zoë Wilkinson Saldana! Welcome to The Pride & Joy Project Zoë! Here's a brief bio about her: 


Zoë is a freelance writer, researcher, and developer living in Seattle. She is passionate about the potential for digital spaces to help trans and queer folks grow, heal, and find loving community - including trans women striving to become mothers. Her writing has appeared in Buzzfeed and the New York Times. She is also a huge fan of dogs, trains, and board games (but especially dogs!)


Topics we are interested in sharing on the blog are all family related within our community of queer Moms. Let's talk about family planning, adoption, surrogacy, pregnancy, kids, growing families, blended families, tips and advice for new Moms, birth stories, remedies, stories of triumph, stories of sadness, stories of struggle and change, single Moms, spouses who work in the military or overseas - - simply put your story is important and we'd love to help you share it. 

Look for new posts each month! 

If you'd like to write a post for The Pride & Joy Project blog, please send us an email!